“Destiny is a great business manager I wouldn’t be able to get through my day without Destiny & her team, I basically rely on them to get my work done! I love working with her!”

Jessica Hampton | Real Estate Investor | Texas

“Extremely valuable connection for my business. Forthcoming and direct when it came to improving our business and processes. Visionary and able to quickly adapt to our existing process. Definitely was a rare find for my company. We cherish the progress that resulted from our contract. We also cherish the one-off conversations that kept our team motivated. She can take teams to the next level.”

Douglas Walker | Real Estate Investor | New Legacy Property Group | Noth Carolina

“Destiny has a good head for business and helped our team get more organized. She brings passion to her work and thinks entrepreneurially in ways most do not. She executes and maintains a creative state of mind, which is an asset to any team. Thanks, Destiny!”

Ariel White | Founder |My Little Yoni | North Carolina

“It has been my pleasure to work with Destiny this past year and I value her patience, hard work, and drive to get the job done. I look forward to continuing working with her this year.”

Jose Arias| Founder | LA Brothers Inc | Virgina

“Working with Destiny has been phenomenal, she has helped me to create more time for other areas of my life where it was needed. She has is very organized and created systems to make things run smoothly in my business.”

Warwick Saint | Celebrity Photographer | Los Angeles

I was about to close up shop on my business in 2020 but hired Destiny as my Business Manager in an attempt to help me save it. She helped me set up systems to automate my customer journey, some management and create some processes for when I started hiring. She has a good mind for business and I wouldn’t have made it without her help. Thank you Destiny!

Amanda Pactor | Founder | Vancouver

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